Care for Your Holiday Table Linens

Either from being passed down from generation to generation or serving as an easy cleanup for many festive feasts, table linens are a staple for the holidays. After the meals are over and the celebrations wind down, it is imperative to have your table linens cleaned and stored properly in preparation for the next holiday.

Do not let stains set – get them taken care of as soon as possible. Some common stains may even dry invisibly, such as white wine, but the substances are still there. The next time you use the tablecloth, it may contain a surprise stain that didn’t appear to be there last time – if it was stored with a set stain.

Other stains are visible and need to also be addressed quickly. Oils from food may oxidize and sugars can caramelize. If the stains set, they can turn brown or yellow and may get to the point of past repair. Not to mention, insects may be attracted to the substances in the stains. It is possible that they will eat on the stains which will create damage to the linen – weakening the fibers and eventually causing holes.

Holiday candlelit meals are wonderful – until wax stains happen. However, Eagle Cleaners has the ability to restore your wax stained table linens; tablecloths, table runners, napkins, etc. We can also fix small rips and tears with ease.

Once cleaned, we hand press and package them. Please remember to remove the plastic packaging before putting the table linens away as leaving the plastic on can trap condensation on humid days –which may lead to damage over time, including mildew.

Most table linens can be laundered or dry cleaned – depending on the material. Eagle Cleaners is able to answer any questions you may have on getting your table linens cleaned. Call 570-587-5580 or stop in to discuss.