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Eagle Cleaners: Social Distancing and Sanitizing

Social Distancing and Sanitizing
Having your clothes and household items professionally dry cleaned and/or laundered helps kill bacteria and viruses.



The washing process along with the high heat during drying and pressing.



Eagle Cleaners – Safe Solvent & Wet Cleaning

What is the Solvent Eagle Cleaners Uses?
We use SOLVONK4 by Kreussler Inc – the dry cleaning industry’s only textile chemistry company offering USDA BioPreferred products, called SYSTEMK4. SOLVONK4 is more…

Keeping Your Acrylic Knits Fit

Keeping Your Acrylic Knits Fit
If you have shopped for sweaters or other knit garments, you have probably noticed that many of them contain a fiber called acrylic. Before purchasing garments…

Holiday Table Linens

Care for Your Holiday Table Linens
Either from being passed down from generation to generation or serving as an easy cleanup for many festive feasts, table linens are a staple for…

Eagle Cleaners to Honor Our Veterans on November 11th

Eagle Cleaners Donates Veterans Day Sales to Equines For Freedom
In our tradition of supporting our nation’s men and women in uniform past and present, Eagle Cleaners will be giving all…

The Starch/Shirt Relationship

The Starch/Shirt Relationship
Starch and sizings are laundry additives that can increase the firmness of fabrics, particularly dress shirts. A study conducted by the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute, the Association of…

Special Care Tips for White Garments

Special Care Tips for White Garments
Summer brings out the brightest colors. Reds, pinks, yellows, purples, blues, and whites. White? Yes, white is a color.
In their natural state, many fabrics have…

Eagle Cleaners Sponsors Equines for Freedom Golf Tournament

The 4th Annual Equines for Freedom Golf Tournament will be held at the Irem Golf Club in Dallas on Friday, August 16!
Join us on Friday, August 16th for the 4th…

Six Tips for Better Home Stain Removal

Six Tips for Better Home Stain Removal

Bleaching is a last resort if the stain does not respond to either dry-side or wetside measures. Ordinary three percent hydrogen peroxide bleach, available…

Eagle Cleaners Sponsors Equines for Freedom Wine Festival

Equines For Freedom  4th Annual Wine Festival will be held at Lazybrook Park in Tunkhannock on Saturday, June 15th!
Come spend an afternoon with us and enjoy wine tasting, food vendors…