What is the Solvent Eagle Cleaners Uses?

We use SOLVONK4 by Kreussler Inc – the dry cleaning industry’s only textile chemistry company offering USDA BioPreferred products, called SYSTEMK4. SOLVONK4 is more effective than solvents that use harmful chemicals and it is a safe cleaning process.


Why is it Environmentally Friendly?

SOLVONK4 has been awarded the USDA BioPreferred Product Label. It is 88% biobased and contains renewable marine, plant and forestry-based resources. There are no environmental or health concerns with our solvent.


SOLVONK4 has very different properties from conventional solvents in dry cleaning and is known as an “alternative solvent.” Alternative solvents are dry cleaning solvents other than PERC, which is being phased out in the dry cleaning industry due to its harmful chemicals. SOLVONK4 is a halogen-free, organic solvent with the pureness of > 99 % and excellent cleaning performance.


This innovative solvent is not only able to dissolve and absorb lipophilic (fats, greases, and oil) but also hydrophilic soil (water-soluble soil). Aside from the excellent cleaning power, the cleaned textiles also have a pleasant and smooth feel. There is minimal fiber abrasion during the cleaning process along with less wrinkling.


What is the Solvent Made From?

CORN! SYSTEMK4 is made from corn grown in America – not harmful petroleum. Biobased and sustainable are now words that can describe a dry cleaning solvent.


Aren’t Dry Cleaning Solvents Harmful?

Stereotypically, dry cleaning solvents get labeled as toxic and harmful. The solvent PERC has proven itself as unsafe since it’s petroleum based. We are proudly breaking the stigma of chemical-based dry cleaning with our safe, sustainable solvent – SYSTEMK4.


What is Wet Cleaning?

According to Kreussler Inc.: “Wet cleaning is a procedure for the professional cleaning of textiles in water without using organic solvents.”


The textiles are cleaned with biodegradable detergent in washing machines at different intervals. The drying process is designed to preserve the textiles as well.


Facts About Wet Cleaning from Kreussler Inc.:

  • Wet cleaning chemicals are more gentle than dry cleaning chemicals.
  • In the wet cleaning process, clothes are cleaned with water, Earth’s original solvent, and mild, yet effective detergents.
  • Wet cleaning is a solvent-free, non-toxic process.
  • It’s the safest method to professionally clean your clothes.
  • Many garments that are labeled ‘dry clean only’ can be safely wet cleaned.
  • The wet cleaning process is gentler than at-home laundry.
  • It does not generate hazardous waste, nor does the process create air pollution and it reduces the potential for water and soil contamination.


Why Do Dry Cleaners Offer Wet Cleaning?

Offering both dry and wet cleaning allows us to have all tools that may benefit customers’ garment care needs. When we receive an item, we can assess what process will best care for it knowing that many dry clean only items can also be safely wet cleaned.


If you’d like to read more about wet cleaning, click here for the blog from Kreussler Inc. – the company that helped develop the professional wet cleaning process.

Still have questions?

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