Social Distancing and Sanitizing

Having your clothes and household items professionally dry cleaned and/or laundered helps kill bacteria and viruses.



The washing process along with the high heat during drying and pressing.


Here’s how it works:

The dry cleaning process has a high-temperature washing period of 15 minutes followed by a high-temperature drying process of 40 minutes – this is a higher temperature than at-home washers and dryers can achieve. Items that move onto the pressing process are pressed using steam as hot as 375 degrees F.


What does the high temperature do?

In addition to cleaning, high temperatures dissolve virus’ protective covering (made of lipids, or fats) which destroys the virus. Pressing ensures any possible remaining virus is killed by using an even higher temperature than washing and drying.


End Result:

Clean clothes and household items that look great, feel fresh and are sanitized.


Curbside Service

During these trying times, our main priorities are your comfort and safety and maintaining social distancing. We created our curbside service so that you do not have to leave your car to get your clothes and household items dry cleaned.


How it works: Simply give us a call at 570-587-5580 or honk your horn once you are outside. We will pick up and/or drop off your order right from your car.


Now that you don’t have to leave your car, you do not have to miss out on spring cleaning or sanitizing! This is our way of not only practicing safe social distancing but ensuring your cleaning needs are met comfortably.



Call us at 570-587-5580 or email We are happy to answer any questions!