Save Your Summer Clothes

Summer style means getting to express yourself in those bright, vivid colors during the warmer months. But, if your clothes aren’t properly cared for, the colors can fade after a few months of wear and washing. Keeping up on properly dry cleaning the garments you should be, like golf shirts, dresses, etc. will extend the longevity of their life cycle, ensuring you get the most out of your fashion investments!

Golf Attire

Golf season is upon us! But what does that mean for your golfing wardrobe? Athletic wear is prone to more wear and tear than normal clothing since some materials are designed to absorb sweat.

Benefits of keeping up on dry cleaning your golfing wardrobe:
  • Prevent permanent wrinkles in your pants and shorts
  • Keep bright colors vibrant longer vs. regular washing
  • Remove invisible stains completely
  • Keep quality of fabrics lasting longer vs. regular washing
  • Extend the overall life of your golf wardrobe

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Summer Clothes and Accessories

The hot summer months not only take a toll on us, but our clothing as well. Without realizing, we wash our clothes more often in the summer because of sweating more. This takes a toll on your clothes after a while, damaging fabrics and fading colors. Not to mention the delicate materials that are typically used for warm weather clothing can get easily damaged in a regular washing machine. Dry cleaning will help prevent

Yellowing or graying of white clothing in the summertime is a result of sweat sticking to the fibers in your fabrics. Dry cleaning ensures invisible stains don’t become visible – like yellowing of white clothes.

Be proactive instead of reactive to stains this summer with Eagle Cleaners!