Summer Stains & How to Treat Them

Summertime means picnics, BBQs, outdoor activities, and fun in the sun! However, this also means stubborn stains from grass, sweat, sunscreen and food. Eagle Cleaners is here to help rid your favorite clothing items of tough stains with both our wet cleaning and dry cleaning processes.

Professionally Clean Your Clothing

Getting your items professionally cleaned by Eagle Cleaners will:

  • Protect fabrics and extend their lives
  • Guarantee stain removal without gambling with cleaning products
  • Remove invisible stains, like grease and sweat, that can cause permanent fabric damage over time

We use our expertise to decide which fabrics and which stains should be cleaned by either wet cleaning or dry cleaning. Instead of using a stain remover and hoping it comes out, use Eagle Cleaners for a guaranteed stain removal. Sometimes, stain removers may even cause the stain to get worse.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is the perfect option for traditional food and oil stains. Fabrics such as silks or wools are the perfect candidate for dry cleaning!

Our non-halogenated products from Kreussler Inc. make our dry cleaning process bio-based and they’re also certified USDA Bio Preferred products. Kreussler’s System K4 products are made from corn grown in the United States, supporting over 500 farms in the Midwest!

Eagle Cleaners keeps your clothes clean and the earth green!

Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is used when certain non-solvent soluble stains do not come out with dry cleaning. Professional wet cleaning using special and gentle detergents are used to treat the garment without any harm to it or its fabrics. Our wet cleaning process uses biodegradable non-phosphate detergents and conditioners from the company that invented wet cleaning, Kreussler Inc. To read more about wet cleaning, click here.

Certain fabrics are not meant to be dry cleaned and must be wet cleaned to be treated properly. Athletic clothing, like yoga pants, sports bras, etc. are the perfect examples of wet cleaning contenders.

Specific summer stains that should be treated with wet cleaning verses dry cleaning include grass, sweat and sunscreen.

Eagle Cleaners will ensure your garments get the best treatment, whether its wet or dry cleaning. Enjoy the summer and let us handle the stains professionally so you don’t have to cross your fingers with varying stain removers!