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Eagle Cleaners Cleans Masks Hygienically


During the COVID-19 pandemic, being safe, clean, and sanitized is a priority for so many people, including all of us at Eagle Cleaners. Our top priority is ensuring our customers know their clothes are being taken care of and hygienically cleaned.


Trebon Plus

The Robert Koch Institute in Germany has listed the product we use from Kreussler Inc, Trebon Plus, as a disinfectant or sanitizer. Using Trebon Plus at a temperate of 140 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 20 minutes will hygienically clean the garments. This is a very powerful detergent and process with numerous benefits – including ensuring your items are safe. For more information regarding the Trebon Plus cleaning process, visit Kreussler Inc.’s Blog.


Mask Cleaning

Eagle Cleaners proudly hygienically cleans many items including clothes, shirts, tablecloths, lab coats, uniforms, and masks. With the current mask mandate, we all wear our face masks practically daily. Think of how often they touch our hands and faces. Have you been keeping up on their proper cleaning? Unsure of how to properly clean your face coverings? We’re encouraging people to bring them in to be hygienically cleaned and professionally sanitized using Trebon Plus!


Curbside Service Available

There’s no need to leave your car to have Eagle Cleaners take care of you. Take advantage of our curbside service with the colder weather approaching. Simply give us a call at 570-587-5580 or honk your horn once you are outside. We will pick up and/or drop off your order right from your car. That’s #TheEagleDifference!

We are here for you and our community during this pandemic to ensure our customers feel safe and clean. If you have any questions about our services or our products, call 570-587-5580.




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