Summer is No Match for Eagle Cleaners!

Whether it’s a stubborn summer stain or whether you’re wondering how to extend your summer wardrobe’s life, Eagle Cleaners is here to help! Summer is no match for Northeast Pennsylvania’s premier drycleaner.


We’ve seen our share of DIY treatments gone wrong and sometimes the wrong treatment can even make the stain permanent. We recommend drycleaning to guarantee your favorite garments will be saved!


Sweat stains aren’t caused by sweat – but by the aluminum in the deodorant. White clothes turning yellow is never going to be in style – so let us fix the problem for you.

Tip: You can’t always see the stains, but they are there and are getting ready to develop. Get ahead and treat them professionally before they can be seen.


This greasy stain clings to fabric like its job. We’re not saying don’t use sunscreen – please do! Sunscreen will help protect you and we’ll protect your fabrics in return.

Grass & Mud

The grass may be greener on the other side, but we don’t want it on our favorite clothes. Same goes for mud. These outdoor stains are no match for Eagle Cleaners – but they are a perfect contender for a DIY treatment gone wrong.


Berry-ware, whites! Some fruits, especially berries, can leave permanent dye in the fabrics of the stain if not treated correctly. Chocolate can also lead to a permanent stain if not treated correctly or professionally.

Stains in Summer Situations

The stains mentioned above can unfortunately occur any day during the summer. Have you thought about protecting your golf and tennis attire from the summer, especially the invisible stains?

Getting your items professionally cleaned by Eagle Cleaners will:

  • Protect fabrics and extend their lives
  • Guarantee stain removal without gambling with cleaning products
  • Remove invisible stains, like grease and sweat, that can cause permanent fabric damage over time

Golf and tennis attire aren’t cheap – it makes sense to protect them the best you can to ensure their fabric life is long. Shirts, shorts, skorts, pants, etc. – we professionally care for them all and care for them well.

This summer, spend more time on the green or the court and less time worrying about stains or cleaning!