Fall Fabrics with Eagle Cleaners


Don’t fall behind with your fall fabric care! Eagle Cleaners is here to help care for all your fall fashion needs. We ask that you defer to the professionals to ensure your garments are getting the correct treatment & long-term maintenance. This will make your favorite items last for many seasons to come.



Leather is best care for by a professional because we have the expert tools and products to help protect, restore, and remove stains from the fabric without causing any damage. It is a natural material, so it’s not meant to be handled with the same care as other fabrics. Eagle Cleaners has a team of leather experts ready to help you look your best.

Pro tip: Store your leather away from moisture to help protect it.



Suede is a very delicate fabric & requires specific attention to avoid permanent damage. This material is sensitive to moisture, light, and certain cleaners. We can protect your precious suedes with smart-pel water repellent spray! If you are going to invest in good suede material, you should invest in its proper care to make it last longer. Your suede shoes will encounter a lot of weather-related accidents this fall, so let Eagle Cleaners help prevent any stains!



Silk has strong, natural fibers that do not completely absorb dyes used to color it. Washing it with detergent and water will not only cause it to lose its color, but it will also shrink and distort the fabric. Dry clean silk to ensure that its colors remain vibrant, its fabric protected from damage, and you’re looking your best!


Upscale Fabrics

Chiffon, velvet and wool, just to name a few, are extremely delicate and need expert attention while being cleaned. Professional cleaning will help preserve their natural luster, form, and feel. If these are cared for incorrectly, they can be permanently damaged – we would never want that to happen to you.


If you are ever in doubt as to how to properly care for a garment, let us take care of it for you to ease your mind. We feel there is no shortcut when it comes to care, and with a team of fabric experts, there’s no reason to worry about your fall wardrobe with Eagle Cleaners!