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Summer Stains? Don’t Sweat It!

Summer Stains? Don’t Sweat It!

Don’t sweat it this summer, we’ve got you covered (even the sweat stains). Eagle Cleaners is here for all your summer needs from hobbies to formal events and everything in between!



Did you know sweat stains aren’t actually caused by sweat – but by the aluminum found in the deodorant. White clothes turning yellow is never going to be in style – so let us fix the problem for you either after it’s happened or before it even begins as a preventative measure.


Tip: You can’t always see the stains, but they are there and are getting ready to develop. Get ahead and treat them professionally before they can be seen.



Sunscreen is greasy, and it really connects with fabric. We’re not saying don’t use sunscreen – please do! Sunscreen will help protect you and we’ll protect your fabrics in return.


Grass & Mud

The grass may be greener on the other side, but we don’t want it on our favorite clothes. Same goes for mud. These outdoor stains are no match for Eagle Cleaners – but they are a perfect contender for a DIY treatment gone wrong.



Berry-ware, whites! Some fruits, especially berries, can leave permanent dye in the fabrics of the stain if not treated correctly. Chocolate can also lead to a permanent stain if not treated correctly or professionally.


We’ve seen a lot of incorrect DIY treatments applied to the above stains, and it’s better to get them treated professionally first to avoid any further, irreversible damage. You spend money on your clothes – you may as well make it worth the investment!


Summer Wear

All the outdoor activity outfits are super susceptible to these stains. Athletic clothes like golf and tennis aren’t cheap – and neither are bathing suits! Be summer smart & take care of your clothes with Eagle Cleaners!