Wash & Fold

Spring forward is here, and that means more sunlight! We all feel that our days are longer now – why waste them doing laundry? Saving time with Eagle Cleaners means you can spend time on more meaningful things, like your family, marriage, children, and yourself. Lessen your task load and make time for things that matter more!


Time Consuming

Do you realize how time-consuming laundry actually is? We’ll break it down for you with this example. Most households have one washer and one dryer that typically hold about 10 pounds of laundry. Each load would take an hour to run through the washer, then an hour to run through the dryer. Two hours per one 10-pound load of laundry – that’s time consuming. Imagine if you had 60 pounds – that would be the entire day spent in the laundry room!

Not to mention in addition to the time spent doing laundry, the electricity, water, gas, and chemicals that would be used to complete the loads. All of this adds up over time. When you become more conscious of these things, you may realize it’s time to take a different approach to the necessity of laundry.


Hygienically Clean

Aside from saving you time and money, Eagle Cleaners will ensure your clothes are washed hygienically, cleaned, and sanitized before folding and returning into your hands. Nowadays, you can never be too safe or too clean. Our cleaning process kills viruses and bacteria. For more information on our hygienically cleaning process, check out our other blog.


Curbside Service Available

There’s no need to leave your car to have Eagle Cleaners take care of you. Take advantage of our curbside service with the colder weather approaching. Simply give us a call at 570-587-5580 or honk your horn once you are outside. We will pick up and/or drop off your order right from your car.

That’s #TheEagleDifference!